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OFFICIAL Unseen Email Response

So i sent unseen an email from the home screen and finally got a response, Here's what they replied.


"Please accept our sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused. There has been a catastrophic event of multiple disks failure which has caused the interruption in the email service. We are working to retrieve the data but the process is very slow and challenging. Since we don't have a definite timeline for restoring the data, we would request you to get the email service restored without the old data.

Please let us know if you would like us to restore email services without the old data for the email account mentioned below.

Thanks and Regards,
Unseen Admin Team


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I received this email from I feel it is important to share this, as it demonstrates the mentality of the Unseen management (zero acknowledgement of their failure to communicate). My response follows below that:

About a week ago, Unseen suffered a hardware failure in the Thor data center in Iceland.  Four hard drives in a RAID failed.  The drives have been replaced and rebuilt and of 8 hypervisors that run the email system, 1 of these failed to restart.  We tried restoring from a recent backup, but the back up was corrupted.  We are still working to restore the data from the drives, but it's possible that data is lost.  Having four drives fail at once is highly unusual.

Who is affected?  Only email is affected, chat is not affected.  About 1/8th of our Unseen user's email is affected, 7/8th of our users have had no effect and see normal service.  If you have not been able to access your Unseen email, you might be affected.  If you used POP3 or IMAP (which most users do), you already have a complete backup of all your email.  If you used web mail only to access your Unseen, if you don't have a backup, it's possible your data is lost, though we are going to try to recover it if the drives do not have physical damage.  Unseen was designed to be a secure communications system, not a cloud data storage service;  please keep your own backup always.

If your account was affected, you will need to send an email to: 

Let the devs know which account(s) you have that are affected and we can restart them so you can begin using your Unseen account.  Please tell them both the account name and the recovery email (as a security check).

We're very sorry for this outage, and apologize to everyone for the inconvenience or any loss of data.  

We are now at a crossroads.  Email and other centralized communications are easily disrupted.  Privacy is not the biggest concern, rather censorship or disruption or interference with communications is becoming a huge issue.  The centralized model along with services like email are dying.

Other non-Unseen services operated by our team members have also been targeted, experiencing disruption of advertising revenue, loss of bank accounts (for no good reason), hassling of employees or contractors and so on.  For these reasons, we think the only future for a service like Unseen will be using a non-centralized Peer to Peer (P2P) communications system and business model.  Over time the centralized services will be completely phased out, including the current centralized chat and email.  Everything will become P2P though we don't know exactly when the new services will be perfected.  We will work towards a seamless transfer.

This means the company Unseen, ehf will be shut down and everything will move to a pure opensource and distributed model, similar to how bitcoin operates.  Payments will be done between users on the network using crypto only, as the project will not have any centralized team or bank accounts, it will have only peers/nodes. will be the primary payment medium.  Premium Unseen users will get special features and some FLASH to use on the network.  It will also be possible for individuals or businesses to provide services on the network and charge a fee.  If you paid for premium in the past six months and no longer wish to use P2P continue, we can arrange a refund if that's what you want. You are free to test out the new system and opt out if you don't like it.

The first version of Unseen P2P will be based on RetroShare's network technology and it should be available for testing within two weeks.  We will send a message to everyone letting them know the specifics.  The initial features will be chat and group chat, a contact manager, a type of P2P email for inside the network, file storage, channels and fora (forums for you Americans), and shortly after the initial version is released, we will build a way for Unseen users to migrate all their Unseen contacts over.

We think this is the best and most responsible way to protect our Unseen users and help them move to a bright future.

The Unseen Team

My account was affected: I could not receive or send any email.
This has happened before, in July 2018. However, the recurrence or nature of the service failure was not my main concern.
Of much bigger concern to me was the complete absence of communication during the problem by Unseen to myself and other clients, as evidenced by the large number of client complaints on the Unseen community support forum.
This is at least the second time in 6 months that I have experienced service problems over a longer period (several days) while also not receiving any meaningful or official communication from Unseen except for automated support ticket responses.
I appreciate the official explanation by Unseen, but the lack of communication is not being acknowledged. This is a terrible failure in public relations.
To me, this blindness to the importance of communication indicates poor business sense at top management level in Unseen ehf, and destroys any trust I might have had in the CEO, Chris Kitze, as well as any of his future ventures. Mr Kitze might have technical vision but that alone is not enough to grow a startup into a successful business.
In conclusion: I signed up in July 2017 for a lifetime account but will not be using the new P2P messaging service. I would like to be refunded (in part if not fully) as I feel the quality of technical support and customer service is unacceptable.
I am also posting this response on the community support forum.
Sincerely yours,
Adriaan Slabbert
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Wow.  Unseen's communication about their problems is nonexistent.  Good thing I switched my email to proton mail a couple of months ago.  So I could lose all emails my address has?  I hope none of it was important.

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