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11 DAYS WITHOUT EMAIL - still no response re error 502

11 DAYS OF BEING IGNORED!!!  Once again - no response to my queries and no help re the situation with my emails! I demand action! I demand an actual response! And I demand an apology! I am a lifetime subscriber! How dare you ignore your customers! You are an absolute disgrace! Get this fixed and get this responded to immediately. I have been without my emails for ELEVEN DAYS!!!! This is not good enough.

Nigel Owens

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Believe it or not, we actually had to track down Chris' business friends & send them strong messages before we actually received responses. And though Chris himself was online - we could see him- he refused to write himself. He has a mouthpiece do it for him.

Apparently, they think it was an attack on their servers. They are working to fix the issue, the mouthpiece said. 

A small group is discussing it here:

Chris is member of this group. This is where we finally received some information:

Alex Writer 0 votes

I wouldn't be surprised if the cause was US Feds trying to hack in or shut it down. It doesn't seem likely for small-scale hackers to have the resources to do it.

Jonny 0 votes