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EIGHT DAYS without email. Still no response re error 502

I hold a Lifetime Subscription.  

For the past 8 days, I have not been able to access my emails. 

I get the following message instead:
Problem accessing ZCS upstream server. Cannot connect to the ZCS upstream server. Connection is refused.
Possible reasons:
upstream server is unreachable
upstream server is currently being upgraded
upstream server is down
Please contact your ZCS administrator to fix the problem.
Powered by Nginx-Zimbra://

I have tried signing in on different computers, but there is still no difference.  

I have sent multiple messages to you via email and the Unseen Support Portal.  Still no response.  This level of customer service is disgusting.  

Let me know what is happening and get this fixed immediately because I desperately need access to my email account, it is absolutely vital that I am able to access my emails.  

As one of your lifetime customers, I respectfully demand that this message is actually answered and my email account is fixed. 

Nigel Owens

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ive even tried contacting the main guy on linkedin from another post. NOTHING.

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