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I have been dealing with this SEND problem for over two+ months now. I cannot SEND email regularly. I've contacted Unseen several times without any response and have seen no relief from these continuing problems. Zimbra messages pop-up telling me emails do not exist when I'm looking right at them. These pop-up messages will not go away once they begin. And my SENT box appears to hold the message I attempted to send. I have to sign out between pop-ups and sign back in to get the ZIMBRA message to stop.  My SENDs are returned a week after being SENT never having been delivered. I have 5 messages sitting in my SENT BOX right now. After checking with the recipients I find either they arrived more than 24-hours after being SENT (this is of no use to me!) OR have never arrived. I copied error message code but not enough space here. None of the "can't send email" FAQs help. This problem is at the Zimbra/Unseen end!  PLEASE FIX IT.


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