How to use our Encryption and Generate Keys

Unseen Agent -

Keys are what make encryption work. You need them to encrypt emails and to read encrypted emails. Without them your messages cannot be encrypted. All of your emails are already going to be encrypted. They are already encrypted with the basic SSL layer.If you would like to send an email using our Unseen Encryption, (which is a second layer inside the SSL), you would need to generate keys.- Have you generate keys yet?

If not, in your email, you will click on a Key icon to to open up (Key manager) between your Trash and Address book icons. Click on the last tab, "Generate Keys." Then you will enter your PGP passphrase ( whatever you choose it to be and note this is different from passphrase you use to log in your account ). Click "Generate"

A prompt will pop up to ask if you would like the option to save your keys. ( you can choose yes or no). After that, you will have private keys so you can encrypt your emails using our unseen second layer of encryption on top of the basic SSL encryption.

Remember to checkmark the "Encrypt Box" when you compose an email in order to send an encrypted message to the other unseen user.( We cannot have it automatically encrypt for you without clicking on the box) The unseen user will also need to have private keys to be able to decrypt and read your message. They will also need to generate keys like you.

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