How to Troubleshoot a failed audio/video call

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Unseen’s one to one call is peer to peer, that mean the data stream is transferred only between the caller and callee. This is the best security for your call. Additionally, we’re using DTLS encryption on both ends, for even greater security. If it’s not possible to make peer to peer connection, the data stream is automatically relayed via our TURN servers (only 8% of Unseen calls use this, in the event of a Symmetric NAT).

We support Chrome 29+, Firefox, Opera, Desktop Client and Android (iOS is coming soon). To make audio call, the caller and recipient need to have a microphone, video call requires a camera. If you use browsers, make sure to enable your microphone and camera.

  • On Chrome it will ask once at the first time you make a call, it will display "Allow" and "Deny" buttons below the address bar.
  • On Firefox it will ask every time you make a call (be sure to chose a correct microphone and camera).

If you hear no sound, after the call is made, please check your speaker and check the volume button on the right top corner of Unseen chat window (is it on with enough volume or not).

If you get the error message "Media permission denied", it means the recipient does not enable Microphone or Camera (they may not have that).

If you get the error message "Failed to get local SDP" from Browsers / Desktop App, the recipient might cache old library of our previous release. You need to tell them clear browser cache or clear the desktop application cache (by click on the Unseen tray icon --> clear cache).

If you get the error message "Failed to get local SDP" from Android to your friends, you need to check:

  • Your Unseen Android app need to be at least 1.5.2 above. We have an Android release v1.5.2 on 05/31/2014 that fixes the issue one way calling to Desktop application, Chrome < 35 and Opera.
  • You need to restart your Phone after install Unseen Android so it will be able to work correctly with browsers and desktop application.

If you get the error message "No / SSL", the recipient may not available or can not connect to our server.

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